Behind #CuriousChild

Image of the book "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon

I’ve recently (finally) started reading a book called “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon which my friend Alison gave me maybe, possibly, 6 months ago.

I totally judged the book by its cover and cute graphic-filled pages and for some reason, just dismissed it and got on with the busyness of my daily life. It seemed, brochure-y.

Until recently, a few things happened which made me turn to read again. My sleep quality has, for one reason or ten, took a sharp decline which in turn took its toll on my health. It’s definitely stress-related and I had to make the painful admission to a concerned friend (also named Rachel, in case you were curious), that brainlessly watching sitcoms to fill the silence at home is probably too much stimulation for a good night’s sleep. Exercise, slowing down, relaxing routines, lavender, books. We immediately decided on these obvious answers I haven’t had the discipline for.

Then, just a few nights ago, on a Friday night when my colleagues (Crystal and Oscar, in case you were curious) and I were all feeling pretty shitty because of whatever is going around this disgusting weather in Hong Kong, we dragged ourselves out to dinner and some shopping. Then and there, I found myself in Eslite (rarely ever shop there as I rarely ever manage to find English books with the minimal effort I was willing to invest) picking up all sorts of bookings, sitting there on the floor wanting to read more (without spending a buck, ideally).

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MahaNaga / Gypsy Spell Bar – Bangkok

It has been a while since I last travelled for work, and it definitely reminded me of the good old crew life.

In Bangkok I stayed in Sukhumvit, a very international part of the city. So international in fact, that I actually struggled to find Thai food. Everything in the area seemed to be Japanese. I was told later that there are a lot of Japanese expats in Bangkok, and my office was also in the Japanese Village.

On my first night in Bangkok, I had to walk around a little and brave my way down the streets leading off the main road to find some Thai food (as my husband Jon text to assure me I’ll be able to find something while in Thailand). When I saw a small stand on the street corner saying “Modern Thai Cuisine”, I went for it. It didn’t really matter whether it was modern or traditional, as long as it wasn’t Japanese.


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