#CuriousChild: How are storms named?

How are tropical storms/ hurricanes/typhoons named? We have a combination of girls names, guys names, fruits, and some pretty random typhoon names in Asia, what is going on?

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I make it rain.


Welcome, welcome.
This is Santa Monica, Los Angeles. I was there a week or two ago and it was the only place I had time to visit (kind of). It was a nice breezy day and by the time I was done shopping and stuffing my face at Chipotle, it got chilly and started raining. IT WAS RAINING IN LA, AT SANTA MONICA.


I didn’t really feel like I was in LA until I took this random picture and thought, “oh yea, I’ve seen pictures of this spot before. It was sunny.”


And now, I’m here in Sydney, Australia. I got here last night and my friend (who’s leaving today), was telling me I have to go to Bondi Beach, because it’s the bomb and the weather’s been amazing blah blah blah. Well, guess what? It’s cloudy today and my ass almost fell off from freezing in the pool. And then it started raining.Good thing I didn’t go all the way to the beach. Next time, I guess!