Choosing Good Travel Partners

Traveling together can make or break friendships. For the sake of your trip and friendships, you need to be wise about choosing the right travel partners and put in the effort to make sure you have the same expectations.

Chinese New Year Customs

It’s almost the Year of the Pig! To help you navigate through the festivities this Chinese New Year (CNY), I’ve put together a handy guide for you to help you get involved without stepping on any toes.

Holy Eats, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an expensive city, where we often compromise quality for price, or the other way around when we’re looking for a good time out.

Welcome to Holy Eats where they have it all – from great Happy Hour deals to affordable quality food, and a guaranteed fun night out.

Different Types of Hot Pot

We all say Hong Kong is heaven for food and shopping. One of the locals’ favorite cuisine type is the hot pot. With many Asian cultures having their own take on hot pot, we’re going to break it down for you.

Jet Lag Remedies

Oh, sweet jet lag. How do you adjust to a new time zone? Here are a few conventional and wacky ways to overcome jet lag.

Stepping into 2019

It’s not so much saying goodbye to 2018, but stepping into 2019 with a thankful heart, ready for a new and big chapter that’s going to require taking very real good looks at myself. It’s scary and exciting, and I’m stepping in.

How To Get a Night of Good, Quality Sleep

We are probably living in a generation whose daily non-catastrophic lives are more stressful than it has ever been. Having quality sleep makes a huge impact and here are some ways to make sure you get some quality rest.

Tipping in Hong Kong

To tip or not to tip? How much to tip? Unlike many parts of the world, a service fee is automatically added to the bill in Hong Kong. Depending on where you are, you should probably still add a tip!

Visiting Toronto, 2018

A beautiful snowy trip from Niagara Falls to instaworthy brunches to Christmas markets. Can’t wait to visit again in the summer!