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ChinChin Bar, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

On the last night of my weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, I was walking around District 1, close to the Bitexco Tower looking for a place to have some local dinner. It was one of those nights where you’ve run out of things to do, and you’re still full from the previous…

Brand New YouTube Channel – RachiePn

Grrrreat news! I’ve finally gotten around to starting my YouTube channel “RachiePn”! We’ve got 3 amazing segments going: #GoingPlaces – checking out the places I’ve checked out, like Ho Chi Minh City, Kerry Hotel, Cheung Chau, and much much more to come #CuriousChild – this is the “passion project” segment of the channel, where we…

Relationship Issues

A few things I wish someone told me about relationships when I was younger.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

After a rough 2017, I’m looking to start with my own patience, empathy, and kindness in order to be a positive force in this broken world of ours.

You Need To Love Yourself

How’s this for a thought? I don’t think many of us love ourselves enough. I’m not talking about whether someone comes across as confident, I’m talking about what we really think about ourselves – that deep down feeling we don’t like to give a lot of attention to, or worse yet, that feeling that consumes…

Melbourne Brunch Spots: Hash Specialty Coffee

Depending on whether you follow my Instagram (it’s @RachiePn by the way), you may or may not know that I snuck off to one of my favorite places about a month ago to Melbourne, Australia. It was a very short but fulfilling trip. Even my flight there was amazing: 777-300ER, PEY bulkhead with only one other…