Skincare Basics – Stop Messing With Your Face

Maybe you just need to give your skin a break for it to restore its radiant beauty.

Relationship Issues

A few things I wish someone told me about relationships when I was younger.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

After a rough 2017, I’m looking to start with my own patience, empathy, and kindness in order to be a positive force in this broken world of ours.

You Need To Love Yourself

How’s this for a thought? I don’t think many of us love ourselves enough. I’m not talking about whether someone comes across as confident, I’m talking about what we really think about ourselves – that deep down feeling we don’t like to give a lot of attention to, or worse yet, that feeling that consumes…


It’s funny how people usually think of anorexia first when they hear the words ‘eating disorder’. For me it was binge eating (yes it’s a thing) and bulimia. I actually desperately wanted to be anorexic, but the whole reverse psychology thing kicked in and my cravings took over my mind. I was bulimic because of…


If you know me you would not believe that I was an incredibly shy kid. So shy that I found it difficult to say hello to anyone in a room full of adults. Like any spoilt child though, I had a lot of attitude when it came to my own family. I think the weird…

Please Like “Please Like Me”

Can we please talk about the TV show Please Like Me? It’s not a new show (piloted in 2013; is ‘piloted’ a real word?), and I only stumbled across this show a week or two ago on Netflix. I have to be very honest here, I’m a bit ADD, which means when I watch anything…