Podcast Recs


It’s 2020. We had a perfect vision for what we would be: have more peace, do more self-loving, reach outmore, be okay with being alone, live with more purpose, have more rest, we were going to be everything.

Then the choice was taken away from us (debatable).

COVID-19 has somewhat forced us into isolation. Some of us love it. Some of us just love to complain. One thing is common and true – the sheer volume of online content available is higher than ever (see Tiger King that aired on Netflix at the perfect time). Among receiving more irrelevant newsletters from online stores you have long forgotten about, blogs are rushing to offer their two cents on what you can do and consume more of while at home.

So here are my top three podcast recommendations. Disclaimer: there are the only three podcasts I listen to.

The Dollop


American history podcast hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth “Gary” Reynolds. Unbelievably, it’s equal parts history and comedy.

Recommended episodes: Action Park, Reg Spiers, Uber

Business Wars


David Brown, podcaster with the most amazing voice, narrates for us the most epic showdowns in business history. Think Nike vs Adidas, DC vs Marvel, The North Face vs Patagonia. Highly recommended series: WeCrashed – The Rise and Fall of WeWork (brought to you by the unreal Adam Neumann).

Stuff You Should Know


Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant takes us through a wide breadth of well-researched topics from How the Deep Web Works, How COVID-19 Works, to The Disappearance of Flight MH370 (highly recommended).

What are your recommendations? Truly entertaining ones only, please.


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