Creative Projects – Knitted Socks and Flower Doodles

It comes as no surprise to hear that the last couple of months have been quite stressful for those living in Hong Kong just like myself. Lately, I’ve gotten in touch with my creative side again, picking up a few projects here and there to give myself a little more head space.

Although it’s still quite warm in Hong Kong, I decided to start knitting socks – for no particular reason, just mostly because I have never done it before and it seemed like a challenging but fun project.

Hand knitted striped crew socks

I found this free tutorial from Purl Soho for a fun pair of striped crew socks which I absolutely love! I do find them quite slippery to wear around the house though, so I looked into DIY non-slip socks. Turns out, all you need is some puffy t-shirt paint! Will stop by the art supply store and report back for sure.

As for the knitting, the first sock was definitely the most difficult, where even my cast on edge was wobbly. The second sock was much easier, and I am now onto my third sock (first of the second pair), and I think pushing through to doing the same thing a fourth time might be a challenge. Who knows, if I manage to keep knitting these, everyone will be getting hand-knitted socks from me for Christmas!

Hand drawn flowers

The other thing I’ve been doing is drawing flowers. Random, I know, but it is such a good feeling to learn something new. All I have been doing is going on Pinterest to search for floral doodles and copying the sketches to make my own. It’s good fun!

Hand drawn flower doodles with water color

I wanted to keep building on these drawings, so I tried to add some water color to it. The image above is my test piece where I tried different colors. Though I think it will look better under a more consistent color scheme, I still feel it looks best without color.

These are so fun and therapeutic to draw, and it’s easy to bang out several in an afternoon, but now I need something to do with them! Maybe greeting cards I never write to people?

What are your ideas for what I can do with these drawings, and what craft projects are your favorite?


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