Dragonfly, Tai Kwun, Soho

Finally made it here on a Friday night in a small party of three.

I had seen this place on Instagram before, but I’m honestly a creature of habit, and hate the inferior feeling of chasing something that seems pretentious. Having said that, I stood in line without complaining like I normally would, as it moved quite fast and we were still waiting for our third friend to arrive.

Standing outside, we quietly observed and took in the buzz which turned out to be much bigger than it was inside. In the midst of the queue’s anticipation to be seated, right next to the outdoor-seated’s chattiness and slow-stirring drinks, were a live band, two dancers in exotic sequinned body suits, and three staff members fussing over the set up of the spinning loop for the dancers: a little more aerial distraction from what a regular old pole would have provided. The bouncer stood, holding the metal boards that were the base of the pole, the blonde girl pretended to be helping, and the black-haired girl in her vintage dress semi-squatted, trying to leverage her own weight to kick the frames in place for the set up. Once it was all fixed and the band came to life, the dancer by now, I guess is a little tired and is trying to give everyone her best, perhaps, coming here after a week at her day job? It was a little clumsy, spinning and needing to look down to find her foot, almost out of a carelessness not due to a lack of skill, but an awkwardness that stems from giving your best in a crowded space where no one is really watching. I don’t think anyone other than me both noticed and cared though. Had people been less focused on being cool, or the lighting been less of a blue-black fantasy hue, the magic would have completely been killed by all that’s happening at the door of this mystical place.

Cocktails on a Friday night

Yet of course, in true Hong Kong-er fashion: whatever. Not enough fucks were given, just little imperfections that didn’t go unnoticed but not big enough to make a difference.

Inside, it was much nicer. The overhead dragonfly lamps that lined the ceiling makes you feel you’ve entered some weird insect’s nest, almost like the body farm in the Matrix, but done up with a lot more style. Awkwardly, the two of us took up three seats while waiting for our friend to get here, but the staff was very nice and friendly. We chose our drinks, cocktails, after all, that’s what we came for, but was sadly disappointed. Mucha’s Muse was nice to sip on, but way too sweet to be finished by one person. Pardon Ms Bitter was what the menu said it would taste like, but not delivered in a way that the flavors managed to compliment each other.

Seated at the bar, we watched what other people were ordering, which turns out to mostly be the same drink: berries, bubbly, and tonic in a wine glass, called The Responsible Choice. It wasn’t a strong drink but it was one that had us leaving the bar after a nice drink, the night’s saving grace.

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