Toronto Trip – March 2019

Hello! Shall we do a quick tour of all the food I had in Toronto?

Let’s start with some homemade stuff…

Steak salad which wasn’t quite enough for dinner, so some garlic naan made a late appearance in the show.

Steak salad and red wine

Beef patties with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Beef patty at home

One must have poutine in the land of the maple leaf and syrup, with a side of burgers.

Golden Star Burgers


Lakeview Restaurant, highly recommended.

Find them here.

Outside The Lake View Restaurant

Where the food is as good as the place is cute:

Food from The Lake View Restaurant, Toronto

This apple pie milkshake has actual apple pie in it!

And this cornflake chicken sandwich is unreal.

Side view of cornflake chicken sandwich

Then we carb loaded

At Terroni:

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Kinda insane when you need to slow down on the bread so you have space for the pasta.

Tagliatelle, gnocchi, and fresh bread

We watched some ball game over Reubens as I tried to stay awake (jet lag)

At Local Public Eatery:

Had some jerk chicken at Rasta Pasta where the shop lady gets to be intense with the UberEat drivers, because the food is really pretty damn good.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rice and Veggies

But after all, what we really overloaded on was still cheese.

Amazing panzerotto bigger than the size of my head, from Abruzzo Pizza

Panzerotto with pepperoni from Abruzzo Pizza
Panzerotto with pepperoni from Abruzzo Pizza

So we had coffee and did some work at coffee shops to feel better about ourselves

Well, we ended up doing some work at Dark Hose Espresso Bar while hiding from the rain

And we were equally productive at Balzac’s, where I cleared about 300 emails.

Flat White from Balzac's

2 Comments Add yours

  1. V says:

    You’re giving me a serious case of jealousy here. That looks like you had an amazing time.


    1. rachiepn says:

      Hahaha yes the food was pretty amazing! I always eat better food when I’m on holiday.


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