Holy Eats, Hong Kong

The other week, foodie @clai_eats and I were just chatting about the quality of food vs service, and how it’s the overall experience that really matters. Being the annoying snob that I am, I have intentionally decided to stop going back to a cafe even though it serves one amazing dessert (read clearly, it’s one dish they do well, not a whole menu), just because the way it operates makes for a terrible experience.

On the contrary, I love places that not only provide great service but really make it feel like home. I mean, don’t we all?

One of my favorite places to visit lately is Holy Eats on Elgin Street, a casual, grungy eatery adorned with neon lights and works of religious art lining the walls. Aside from quality fusion dishes, the experience itself is unmatched. While called Holy Eats, the shop in itself is quite an installation where the lofty religious theme is heavily contrasted against its casual and down-to-earth setting where it’s impossibly difficult to not have a good time. It’s a fun and innocently rebellious atmosphere, where the room is lit by a statement chandelier – in bright pink acrylic, and where you find a mural of Jesus and the Virgin Mary not high and mighty passing judgment, but at eye-level just behind you if you’re sitting down.

The team does more than make you feel welcome, the key reason Holy Eats has such a good vibe is that everyone there including the staff seems to be genuinely having a good time and have an appreciation for the food.

One of my top reasons for going back: affordable quality food, and they get the basics right. The first time I had their sweet potato fries I thought I must only be stuffing my face with it because I’m having some sort of carbs craving. Turns out, it really is the lack of greasy thick batter that turned the magic on, as proven by my friends who keep ordering more “for the table”. Other great dishes include the light and crispy soft shell crab salad (it’s really hard to say this when you’re tipsy, but they know what you mean), fish of the day with clams and Chinese fried dough (油炸鬼) swimming in a rich broth, the steak that melts in your mouth, grilled halloumi, and the grilled cauliflower, just to name a few.

Holy Eats 好易食

✟ Bar & Restaurant ✟ 
🥡Small Bites & Shared Plates
🍷Cocktails, Craft Beer & Sake
🕹G/F, 23 Elgin St. Central. HK
🔫 28902892 / 9023 6082

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