Jet Lag Remedies

I struggled hard with jet lag when I came back to Hong Kong from Toronto to a point where I was passing out on buses and literally face planting on my bed, blacked out. When I was a flight attendant, people would ask how I’d get over jet lags. Truth is, I didn’t. I just sucked it up and showed up at work when I needed to.

As much as I failed to overcome my jet lag, I battled it the best I could. Here are some things that might help:

  • Get good sleep during the night – this is obvious, right? But if you’re not taking the steps to ensure a good night’s sleep, even if you clock the hours you’re still going to be exhausted the next day. I’m a very light sleeper but there are quite a few things I’ve mastered to get myself some quality sleep, check it out here.
  • Exercise during the day – If you’re not tiring yourself out during the day, you’re not going to sleep well at night. Be careful though, it’s not a smart move to push yourself too hard when you’re fatigued. For some of us, it may mean we need to hit the gym, for others it may simply mean staying active like opting to take the stairs just to increase your exertion during the day. Listen to your body.
  • Make plans – I find that I’m a lot more tired at home because I get to lie around and the most engaging thing I can do is either cleaning, which I’m too tired for, or watching Netflix, which I can fall asleep in front of. On the other hand, if I’m out running errands, hanging out with friends, and probably more importantly, exposing myself to some natural sunlight, I’m A – too engaged to remember/feel sleepy; and B – leveraging my circadian rhythm to adjust to the local time zone. Watch: What’s With Oversleeping?
  • Drink coffee in the morning – Caffeine affects everyone differently, but I allow myself one cup of joe when I start my day so that I get a boost, but not have so much caffeine in me that it affects my sleep at night.

Here are some recommendations I’ve collected via my Instagram page:

  • Melatonin (@heyheiyueee) – That’s all she said. There are also supposedly natural supplements you can take that helps with sleep, so as long as you know it’s not harmful for you, go give it a shot. I’ve had experiences in the past when I take melatonin and I get super intense dreams, I think because it’s helped my body wind down, but my brain was still super active.
  • Adjust your watch (@vegetsoi) – “I find that it helps to adjust your watch to the destination time as soon as you’re on board the plane.”
  • Stay up (@ianianchow_10.11) – “I don’t sleep on the first day of arrival.”
  • Exercise (@jonnywrightbarnsley) – “A work out and plenty of water”
  • An honorable mention… (@hin_jai) – “Drink 100ml of water for every hour of your flight, and don’t eat on the plane.” My friend is just a wacko. If this makes sense to you please explain it to me.

What’s your jet lag remedy?

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