Visiting Toronto, 2018

🇨🇦 If you follow me on Instagram (@RachiePn) you’ll know I’ve recently visited snowy Toronto, Canada. It was cold and I was jetlagged, but it was still a great trip to see the land of the maple leaves even though there weren’t any when I was there.

📍 Toronto Christmas Market, Distillery District // be sure to get tickets first!

📍 Wilbur Mexicana // My recommendation: the fish taco!

📍 Smokes Poutine // I always prefer the original. Forget the frills, get the traditional poutine.

📍 Yonge Street Warehouse // the new location after the one on Queen’s. I couldn’t stop making fun of how dark it was in there and how much it resembled my idea of Wanchai.

📍 Kinka Izakaya // I hear it’s a different vibe at night so I gotta go back, but from my lunch experience, I highly recommend the cheesy mushroom stone pot rice.

📍 School // Their french toast covered in rice crispies covered in raspberry compote is to die for!

📍 St Lawrence Market // Come on an empty stomach and a shopping back for your next homecooked meal.

📍 Niagara Falls // Just try to see this with your own eyes and not through camera lenses. You’ll find yourself in a meditative state just from staring at the view and power of the falls with your eyes wide open.

🎶 Thank you Serein for the beautiful music. Find them at

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