OPI Nail Envy – Best Nail Strengthener 2018!

Here’s the thing with beauty products: not many have an immediate enough of an effect for me to be blown away by how well it works.

My whole life I’ve had really thin, soft, and brittle nails that peel (the split layers in your nails – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m jealous). Honestly, most of this is probably my fault because I love to pick at my nails.

It finally hit me a while ago that the reason my manicure (nail polish and gel likewise) never lasts is probably because the quality of my real nails are so bad. Obviously, it doesn’t help that I’m always putting color on them!

This realization prompted me to look for nail strengtheners and came across OPI’s nail envy over and over again with consistently high and positive reviews. Because it’s priced very reasonably, I bought a bottle and even though my nails seem to be stronger and in better health, they’re still not as tough as I’d like them to be (again, my fault for picking at them), so I think I might make a second purchase!

Check out the product here:

Ingredients include: hydrolyzed, wheat protein & calcium


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