Behind #CuriousChild

Image of the book "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon

I’ve recently (finally) started reading a book called “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon which my friend Alison gave me maybe, possibly, 6 months ago.

I totally judged the book by its cover and cute graphic-filled pages and for some reason, just dismissed it and got on with the busyness of my daily life. It seemed, brochure-y.

Until recently, a few things happened which made me turn to read again. My sleep quality has, for one reason or ten, took a sharp decline which in turn took its toll on my health. It’s definitely stress-related and I had to make the painful admission to a concerned friend (also named Rachel, in case you were curious), that brainlessly watching sitcoms to fill the silence at home is probably too much stimulation for a good night’s sleep. Exercise, slowing down, relaxing routines, lavender, books. We immediately decided on these obvious answers I haven’t had the discipline for.

Then, just a few nights ago, on a Friday night when my colleagues (Crystal and Oscar, in case you were curious) and I were all feeling pretty shitty because of whatever is going around this disgusting weather in Hong Kong, we dragged ourselves out to dinner and some shopping. Then and there, I found myself in Eslite (rarely ever shop there as I rarely ever manage to find English books with the minimal effort I was willing to invest) picking up all sorts of bookings, sitting there on the floor wanting to read more (without spending a buck, ideally).

That night, I picked up “Show Your Work!” and realized it’s just what I needed to get me going with my new YouTube project (read more about it here). I just read a chapter about sharing your process, and realized, yes, through this blog and my Facebook Page which I never really knew what to do with, I should be sharing my thoughts, process, and inspiration with all of you guys.

So, #CuriousChild. Frankly, I started looking for a new project to do because I thought, in order to have a work/life balance, I must have a life to start with, to have something other than work I can invest my time in. Secondly, if that can make me an extra buck, I would be very very happy. So please subscribe and tell your friends all about it.

I’ve always known and been told that vlogging is a very obvious answer for me since I used to act on mainstream tv, but I’ve also always found it very awkward when I just talk about myself and what I’m eating. Eventually, I stumbled across a podcast by Jonathan Van Ness (Fab 5 of the new Queer Eye) called “Getting Curious“, and what is now my favorite podcast,”Stuff You Should Know“, and realized this is stuff I’ve always been interested in: fun facts!

I have a super short attention span and I know that’s what the world is coming to. We should spend some more time digging a little deeper, but I also hate that I don’t usually even bother googling something quickly because I don’t want to be reading or watching for like, 10 minutes. I want short, snappy answers to scratch the brain itch, and if I want to, I can sit down and read more about it later. My solution for this: to create short, bite-sized videos that answer obscure questions for the curious.

Check out my #CuriousChild videos and find out “Why do humans like the smell of their own fart?“, “Why is the brand Supreme so popular?“, and “Why does oversleeping make us more tired?“. One of the greatest things about having my own space to create and share whatever I want is that I get to answer this niche, burning question I had which no one else seemed to give a crap about, but I got to do a whole video on it: “What is DS Store?

While this is probably the most organized project I may have done, I totally am still stumbling through it, and aren’t sure if I have an achievable end goal in sight. Now that I’m thinking about things that inspire me and what I’d really love to do, I think aside from acting which I have always loved, is that I have deep down always wanted to be an illustrator. Huh. Random.

What about you? What have you always wanted to do and how have you overcome (or not) what has held you back? 


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