Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery

In an attempt to love myself more, I decided to take myself out on dates. Maybe that’s romanticizing it a little. When I think of places I want to check out, I always wait until someone goes with me. It’s partly not wanting to go alone, but also part laziness. I end up doing the same things (or nothing at all) and feeling crappy when Sunday night rolls around.

I walked past this cute coffee shop called Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery on 13 Peel Street with a friend the other week and we decided to come back the next day. We never made it back the next day or week, naturally.

Not wanting to stay at home, I got my stuff together (had to talk myself into it and gathered a magazine, laptop, and watercolor so I’d have something to do there since there’ll be no friend to talk to) and headed over.

The aesthetics of this little coffee joint is enough to make it feel weird to be here without anyone to take photos of or for you: marble counter, plants, black walls, and NEON LIGHTS. Overwhelmed visually, I struggled with ordering a hot or cold drink because I wanted to be both inside and outside where despite fans blasting, was still kind of hot. Whatever, they can judge me for being occupied with photos. Long black, sit outside, take pictures, come back in.


I must say, I’ve been to places that look like this and the staff is usually too cool to make you feel at home. I probably only felt a little intimidated because I’m not used to exploring on my own (it’s been a while), but they were friendly and helpful (with the wifi password and replying to my Insta Story) which made me feel welcome for paying HK$35 to camp out at their coffee shop for close to two hours. I went pretty early, around 1pm on a Saturday, and watched it fill up to a point where I:

  1. Felt bad for taking up so much space (you know that awkward shuffle you do when you try to make space for other people but also wish desperately that they don’t decide to crowd you)
  2. Felt really good for having better photos than they do, although I’m not in any of my own photos (boo)

In terms of coffee, I’m not an expert. I just know if I like it or not so um, yes, it was good for me. I ordered a long black and uh, it wasn’t crazy bitter so that’s good? They asked me what flavors I preferred. Given the choice of something and nutty, I chose nutty. It wasn’t very strong, but I think I’ll order a flat white next time as it’s my usual choice of coffee so I can probably make a better comparison. Great review, isn’t this? Stellar.

I’ll be totally honest here, I absolutely only wanted to check this place out because of its looks. If anyone wants to teach me how to at least describe coffee better, is the way to go.

As for loving myself, this is such a small thing to do, I know. I literally went downstairs for a coffee, but it meant something to me to get off my ass and do something on my own because I’m so used to doing things with people or staying at home doing nothing. I’m not even going to pretend this is a big step for me, I think it’s just one of those small things we can do for ourselves to lift our moods, which is mightily important.

What about you? What are some small things you do or would like to do to brighten up your own day?

Look at this doggo staring back at me.



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