MahaNaga / Gypsy Spell Bar – Bangkok

It has been a while since I last travelled for work, and it definitely reminded me of the good old crew life.

In Bangkok I stayed in Sukhumvit, a very international part of the city. So international in fact, that I actually struggled to find Thai food. Everything in the area seemed to be Japanese. I was told later that there are a lot of Japanese expats in Bangkok, and my office was also in the Japanese Village.

On my first night in Bangkok, I had to walk around a little and brave my way down the streets leading off the main road to find some Thai food (as my husband Jon text to assure me I’ll be able to find something while in Thailand). When I saw a small stand on the street corner saying “Modern Thai Cuisine”, I went for it. It didn’t really matter whether it was modern or traditional, as long as it wasn’t Japanese.


Walking into MahaNaga, which is the restaurant that features an outdoors bar called Gypsy Spell Bar, felt a lot like being in Bali. It was definitely rather up scale, and surprisingly, the coloured lights were done tastefully and not tacky at all. The little courtyard really did feel enchanted and without a doubt I asked for an outdoors table. On my own. Yes. “Treat yourself”, they said. So I did. It was actually a very nice place for some “me time”, although with the friendly service there, it was a tad awkward with the waiters standing by to make sure I had everything I needed.


I ordered a beer and a pad thai, which was very nice, but if I’m completely honest, not revolutionarily mind-blowing either. In Hong Kong I have the privilege of the access to pretty authentic Thai food, and I would say the main difference is that the noodles in Bangkok are more chewy, and the little dried shrimp condiment was more savoury and flavourful which gave the dish more… depth? Is that a pretentious way of describing a dish? It is nice to have some contrasting flavours and textures in one dish, that’s what I mean.


The photos really don’t do it justice. Next time you’re in Bangkok, make sure you visit!

Find them at: Sukhumvit Road, Soi 29! It is located between Phrom Phong and Asok (Terminal 21) BTS, which means it should be no longer than 10 minutes walk along Sukhumvit from either stations.

Have you been to MahaNaga or Gypsy Spell Bar before? Tell me what your experience was like in the comments.

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