The Streets of Sheung Wan

Take a stroll by foot through the neighbourhood of Sheung Wan, which displays both the new and old, Chinese and Western sides of this city.


After your next weekend brunch in Soho, grab your camera and to explore a part of Hong Kong that maintains a vibrant environment of the past. Take a walk down Hollywood Road to be awed by the graffiti on the alley walls and check out the oldest temple on Hong Kong Island, Man Mo Temple.

Be sure to turn into Square Street and then Tai Ping Shan Street to visit all the little boutique shops that feature a wide array of items ranging from leather goods to home & lifestyle accessories, stationery, fashion items, and even a florist tucked away on the corner of Old Kat Cheong Street.

Connecting Tai Ping Shan Street and Hollywood Road are restaurants such as Oldish, Petite Oyster, and Crafty Cow. Get your notepad out because you also want to make a list of restaurants to visit during the week. If you are feeling extra adventurous and energetic, keep walking until you hit Sai Ying Pun, where it gets a little more busy with weekenders sitting outside pubs, like a mini version of Soho.

On your way back, take Upper Lascar Row instead of Hollywood Road, where shops and stalls boast their collection of antique items. The route itself is not long but involves some walking so make sure you have comfortable shoes on, as well as an empty memory card in your camera.

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