Happy Hour in NOM

From rooftop bars to the trendiest spots in Soho, we’ve reviewed our favourite happy hour spot in town for some post-work libation.

It only takes a stroll through SoHo for one to tell the F&B business is struggling in Hong Kong. Restaurants and bars have disappeared as quickly as they have popped up, becoming a literal hole in the wall overnight. The good news is that those who remain are getting creative with offering the best Happy Hour deals in the area.


If you are into good food as much as you are into great drinks, check out NOM (Not Only Meatballs) up on Elgin Street, founded by Hong Kong’s very own Ricky Cheuk – rugby legend from our very own city. You can trust an international rugby player to create an atmosphere great for gatherings and offer a great happy hour deal for sure.


Though their menu isn’t exactly cheap, ranging from HKD$100 – $200 for appetisers and up to HKD$300for a main dish, they definitely offer a great Happy Hour special. Every Monday to Thursday from 6-9pm, with any drink NOM offers free flow pizza, pasta, and meatballs.

With the quality food they offer, this is a great chance to share drinks and amazing Italian nibbles with friends.

– This post first appeared on HiveLife.com


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