Oasis in the City

Hong Kong is notorious for being a high-stress and fast-paced city, and the best shot you have at taking a short break during the day is probably running downstairs for some cheap ice cream followed by walking around the block as you listen to endless honking and people yelling at each other.

To be honest, that can be worse than not taking a break at all.

If you are in the Wan Chai area and desperate for some (relatively) fresh air and peace, take a walk out to the new Wan Chai Ferry Pier. Where the bus terminus used to be is still a big pit of dug up dirt, but don’t let it throw you off. Find your way around the temporary footbridge and boarded-up sidewalk, and you will find your little piece of paradise.

The new Wan Chai Ferry Pier features an observatory deck which boasts an exceptional view of Victoria Harbour and open space, a truly rare commodity in Hong Kong. Next time you are feeling like you have just about had enough, bring some ice cream or beer to the new Wan Chai Ferry Pier, and treat yourself to a solid session of peace and quietness.

The view and fresh air will do amazing things for your mood and productivity – no need to thank us, just promise you won’t bring large groups there for loud parties and keep it the quiet and peaceful paradise that it is.

– This blog post first appeared on HiveLife.com –


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