Beef & Liberty, Hong Kong

I suggested Beef & Liberty for my friend’s birthday dinner, without knowing that they have a roof top! I fell in love with the roof top garden as soon as we got there: couches, lamps, foosball table, huge plants (didn’t find out if they were real), and everything that looks urban with a slight touch of industrial vibe.

Beef & Liberty, Hong Kong.

My friend who organized the dinner had texted ahead to tell us that there will be no table service up on the roof, so we all ordered a burger for ourselves and my friend took care of the appetizers. I’m not sure if it’s because we were so hungry and stuffed our faces way too fast with the appetizers, leaving us a little too full for the mains, but in my honest opinion, the appetizers were way more impressive and worth my money. Having said that, I also find that most burger joints in Hong Kong serve burgers that are very similar, making me somewhat of a “burgers are burgers” person. Disclaimer: I’m not a burgers connoisseur, nor have I intentionally sampled different burgers around town. I hope you know what I mean about burgers though, there are fast-food burgers, there are the ridiculously high-end and expensive kobe burgers or whatever, and there’s the… I don’t know what to call them… restaurant burgers? Personally, I find the term ‘gourmet burger’ kind of disgusting, it’s pretty much what fast food chains or for crying out loud, those delis/cafes that are kind of restaurants but not really, calls their burgers that has a thicker patty, and pairs it with old lettuce. Gross. Anyway, these burgers that are neither yucky fast-food ones, nor priced as if they’re made of gold (also doesn’t reflect taste and quality): sure, I definitely agree that there’s still a range in terms of flavor, juiciness, beef/patty quality, buns, and whatnot. They really are different; but again, in my opinion, not so different that I’m too fussed with for the price I’m paying. In fact, it kind of depends on whether they serve sweet potato fries, yummy shakes, or good buffalo wings.


If I remember correctly (*digging through the menu*), that night we had:

  • Crispy Chicken Wings
    • The batter was intense. Look at the picture on the left. It was so tasty, even though the batter just falls right off. I remember expecting these to be Buffalo Wings but turned out to be sweet and sour, or just sweet… but as I dug through the menu I realized it’s meant to be spicy! Really not sure if it’s my memory or the wings just tasted really sweet.
  • Sticky Rib Fingers
    • Yum, but in terms of meat appetizers, the wings totally stole the show. I remember trying to take a bite off Jon’s and ending up tearing the meat right off the rib though! Not bad.
  • Rocket & Mandarin Salad
    • Rocket? YUM! Very light and summery, with a refreshing zesty dressing.
  • Half English Salad
    • Ummmm… I just kept picking at the baby spinach and crispy bacon. No, no that fluorescent bacon bits rubbish, actual bacon.
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad
    • I couldn’t find this on the menu, and I should have taken a picture. This gem may have been my favorite dish. It has unbelievably humble looks, especially in such a dark setting, at the end of a very long weekend. Sliced tomatoes in different colors, simply flavored with grinded salt. What I loved about it was that it didn’t just taste like basil. I was way too tired and excited at the same time to pay attention to details that night, but I remember it just tasted like good salt and really fresh tomatoes.

GrowlerBeer waterkeg

One thing I really like about Beef & Liberty is their Spiked Shakes. I usually don’t order shakes because I get too full for the food, but I definitely put good effort into talking people into ordering one so I can steal from them.

So beer it is. Their draught beers come in small, large, and growler. That’s me drinking out of Jon’s after I finished my large beer. Hah.

It definitely was good fun, service was great (turns out there’s table service – but if you’re planning a party I would suggest you double check), and having been a flight attendant before (may I remind you though, we’re not just servers, we are first aid medics, firefighters, security, and whatever needs to be done!), I really would like to thank the staff for putting up with us being loud, indecisive, and asking for random things. Like water, lots of water. And cups. And water.

They ended up bringing a whole water keg over for us. Look at some of my closest friends just marveling at it. The derp is so real.

Beef & Liberty

Star St. Precinct,
2/F, 23 Wing Fung St.,
Wanchai, HK

Mon – Thurs 11:30 – 22:30
Fri, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
11:00 – 23:00

Tel: +852 28113009

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