Miley’s Hair.

I have a confession to make: every time I see Miley Cyrus’ hair I secretly wish I have hair like that. Not her hair, but like her hair.

Actually, I’m not a big fan of her hair; but there’s something about her attitude that makes me think: yeah, people think she’s gone too far or whatnot, but on some level, I wish we were all a little more like her. Despite how crazy she seems to have gotten – I mean, maybe she’s only doing it for attention, but assuming she’s not – she’s just being herself, and there’s something ballsy about expressing ourselves that a lot of us lack.

As a child actor, I can identify with her, or Radcliffe (as a non-HP actor, he just annoys me for some reason), or even Bieber (gees). You grow up as a certain person not only to the audience, but to those around you. You reach an age in your teens where you’re sick of being treated like a child at a workplace, and then you’re an adult and you’re almost still not being taken seriously as a walking, thinking individual. I admit, sometimes it’s not even how people treat you, it’s just a self-consciousness thing. Your on-screen character/personality is so … bland or even perfect as a child, that it becomes quite frustrating when you realize you have so much more personality and depth than how people or sometimes – even you perceive yourself. I remember being 21 and being asked by a colleague if I have ever dated before. Are you seriousNot that all my life experiences are based on relationships, but yes, I do have a personal life, and a professional life that began when you were only a toddler. 80% sure I’ve seen and experienced more crazy things than you have. Let’s face it, growing up in an environment like that is stresscrafulzy. It’s funny, because that’s also what gives us so much more to work off as actors.

Again, it’s not that they are intentionally minimizing your identity… You’ve just had your whole life somewhat on display but people only get the front of it.

And now my life has changed. I have a corporate job and I struggle to care that much about it. And I see Miley’s hair, and I want to openly have that I don’t give a fxxk attitude.

At least right now I’m not caring about starting my sentences with ‘and’ (did a quick Google search and it looks like I’m okay though).

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