Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to Amsterdam! On this trip I had roughly 48 hours to explore and enjoy the city.

I spent my first morning catching up on some sleep and visited the city (Amsterdam Centraal) for lunch. My friends and I also spent the whole afternoon pointlessly walking around and taking photos of the canals.




We also decided to gawk at all the ducks and swans in the canal instead of the ladies in the Red Light District.


The next morning we took at 45 minutes bus ride from the city centre to what seemed like the middle of nowhere to have a look at some windmills.


Windmills. They looked exactly like they do in photos. A tiny bit underwhelmed. 




Dutch girl working on a farm was more interesting. There was a really cute cow just outside of the frame; and his best friend goat.


Oh THIS was awesome. It made my trip out there pretty awesome. This guy rolled his eyes when we asked him to pose for the next photo but very graciously did so anyway. The things people do for tourism.





Back in the city we had a late, late lunch. We asked the guy who ran the place for a recommendation and he suggested this “sate” (add an accent on the e please) thing which is some spectacular Dutch/Indonesian (insert guy’s brief history lesson) fusion dish.

You know what?

It was satay.



You won’t believe it, but after that lunch all we did was walk to the Anne Frank House, and then to the Rijksmuseum to take a photo at the “I amsterdam” installation.



By this time it was after 6pm and I was too cold and jet-lagged to keep going. We had dinner and I rushed everyone back to the hotel so I can pass out.

Awesome tram system, by the way. Go Amsterdam!

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  1. another amazing post , i follow you now , and i will read your posts , i will be happy to see you writing more and more , best regards , Alex


    1. rachiepn says:

      Thanks!! I’ll try and write more 😀


      1. great to hear *___*


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