I had a full day to spend in Narita, and after catching up on some sleep for half of the day – I went to Aeon Mall with a friend of mine. 

Tokyo, and like most places for me is all about eating three meals in an afternoon to make up for all the energy I’ve so faithfully exerted on window shopping (sometimes actual shopping).


First up, sashimi don!


This might be a nicer picture to look at.

Toasted Almond Caramel Latte


To counter the oncoming of the mighty Japanese food coma, we headed down to Starbucks (I know, don’t judge me) for a coffee, what I always forget about flavored coffee is that they are such warm and cosy drinks that they always make me want to sleep.

We walked around to look at the supermarket and even more food – so just get prepared for the food porn section of this post. 

Toffee apples


Toffee/caramel… sticks? Does anyone really buy this stuff?
Okay these are the cutest breakfast buns I have ever seen, but who has the heart to eat this mother and child?!


Donuts! I really wanted one but felt like it would be a crime to waste stomach space on Dunkin Donuts in Japan.

Before we cut back to the food, let’s take a look at the must-see random stuff in Japan.


Contestant number one: a warm water bottle which, in my opinion, looks like a bedpan.



Contestant number two: 4L bottles of Japanese wine. If you buy ten of these you can bathe in it.



Contestants three: How do I put this? The Japanese seem to have a mild obsession with anti-constipation products. In the first photo I’m holding a yoghurt drink that says “Go Easily Every Morning”; and in the second it’s a tea that’s called “Go Easily Tea”. You know what? I don’t go easily when I’m traveling, and I travel a lot. I might have to give this stuff a shot. Next time, next time.

And then… not really a contestant anymore. This place was relatively ‘normal’ for a Japanese mall.


One of my favorite kind of shops in Japan: they sell all sorts of candies and small toys! It’s super fun to go in one of these and poke around and see how creative the Japanese can be with their childhood goodies.

More food? Are you ready?





Giant scallops from the Aeon Mall Supermarket going at about 10HKD per piece.

IMG_2225 IMG_2221 IMG_2219

And of course, the must-have gyoza and ramen! This ramen place is behind the Aeon Mall, about a 5-10mins walk, depending on how long your pretty legs are. I’m no ramen expert or fanatic so I can’t tell you which type of ramen is the best, but I did find this one a bit chewy and heavy. The soup base was pretty thick and greasy, and they also happened to be very generous with the pork belly, which was good, but also meant that I couldn’t finish it.

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  1. Shirley says:

    omg that almond latte looks sooooo good! too bad the starbucks in canada don’t offer those…


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