Tokyo 2013 – Part 2

Part 2… I actually borrowed a laptop and sat myself down at a coffee shop to finish this post because I know exactly what my productivity levels are like when I’m at home. Go me!


I don’t quite know how the ramen craze came to Hong Kong, but I’ve never been a big fan.  I prefer protein over carbs and with ramen… It’s just… noodles. Anyway. I’m not one of those wicked Chinese men who travel all over the world and has to have Chinese food. *Ahem best friend’s dad*. I think I would eat a lot of things if I’m traveling. It’s an experience right?

After our crazy shopping spree in Harajuku, we went back to Shinjuku where there’s an alley called 思い出橫丁 where they have ramen bars, udon bars, small restaurants, Japanese skewers and all that shebang at night. I’m really sorry I was too hungry and carrying too much stuff to take a picture. That place is pretty cool, whoops.

Where was I? Yes, 思い出橫丁. We went there in search of some good old local Japanese ramen. The place was too local to have an English menu for tourists so we looked at all the kanji and tried to order.

My friend only knew how to order pork ramen so that’s what she got.

I knew miso and ramen, so miso ramen for me.

I also realized I know gyoza, so dumplings to share!

Win, right?


About 15 minutes later this guy’s brother or dad came out and asked us to scoot over because a big group of people arrived. This place was packed. With local people. The guy asked us in Mandarin. By that point we’ve already looked at each other and agreed that this isn’t the best ramen ever, but when the guy asked us to move in Chinese, we still wanted to believe he just knew some Chinese because there are so many tourists in the area. OH HOW WRONG COULD WE BE. When they gave us the bill they asked in Mando if we speak Chinese and I just straight up asked if they’re Chinese and they very reluctantly nodded.

PRECIOUS STOMACH SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were too full to eat again so we had to find some good local ramen on our last day just to make ourselves feel better…


One morning we went to 深大寺 (Jindaiji) which is where buckwheat noodles are from. It’s a few stops from Shinjuku and about a 15-minutes bus ride away.  IMG_1578


We tried this buckwheat bun with red-bean filling and… hello, buckwheat buns taste like regular buns.


It’s a beautiful area though. Look at that pretty face.




There’s a temple but I’m not into this stuff so I let Kaki do her thing and took photos for her… got some tourist action going. Gotta be done.


And then I decided to be not creepy at all and took photos of people’s children…



Food! Lots and lots of snack, but I suspected that all this buckwheat stuff would taste like regular flour anyway, so … pass. Gotta save stomach space.


Look at me, and all this Jesus-light action. TTTHHHEEEEEE GLLLLLORRRRRRRY OFFFFFF GODDDDDD IS HEEEERRREEEEE HALLLLEEEELLLUUUUJAH. I think God just told me to stop.


Ah this picture. I waited for ages for this old guy to walk away so I could get my ‘perfect shot’. I was in my “hey I should totally be an iPhone-photographer” mode because I’m really not into this temple stuff…


And guess what, the shot looks much better with the old dude in it.


What else.. what else… We went back to 思い出橫丁 one night for beer and skewers and boy… it’s not cheap…


and this old dude is super grouchy. We also didn’t really get to order what we wanted. The people sitting next to us offered to help us order and they did, but the old dude just decided to give us what he felt like anyway. Boo. We still love you, old man. Drink more beer.

Hur hur hur…

Going through my photos and found these… I never thought Japan would have these epic fail signs but I guess Asians are Asians.


Poo cafe sounds good… why wouldn’t you eat there?


The elevator is fast and convenient… why don’t you know this already?


Last but not least… “Limited Express Romancecar”… I don’t even know if I want to find out what that really means.

That’s it for now. This took me quite long to write, mainly because I’m at the lobby of my church (WHICH IS ALSO A COFFEE SHOP! WINNNN!) and hello, my awesome senior pastor, hello, friend who lend me your laptop, HELLO, other friends!

I love it though. I really do.

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  1. MY says:

    No, buckwheat flour should have a very distinct taste different from wheat flour. And that bun looks to be very light in color. Possible made with hulled buckwheat flour (or with white wheat flour mixed in). Buckwheat flour is often used by people who are gluten-intolerant. Go buy and try some Japanese (dark) soba noodles and you’ll notice the difference in taste.


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