Tokyo 2013


I’m so glad you guys loved the posts on Dubai! Blown away by the fact that you’re embracing my lazy-blogging.

I can’t believe I went on my second trip of the year in January – and thanks for kicking my butt about not updating. Ladies and gentlemen, after a three-week delay, here comes Tokyo 2013. I kind of hope there will be a “Tokyo 2013 – Trip #2”.


Welcome to Shinjuku, it’s got to be one of the largest train stations in the city of Tokyo. If you’re new to this blog, welcome, this is me, I tell you what I think (i.e. I think this is one of the largest stations in Tokyo, if not the largest), but half the time I won’t be bothered to look it up and give you the real facts.  This is probably what my first look at Tokyo looked like. I’ve been here before when I was three or four, but I really don’t remember what it was like. I’m sure it has changed a lot too. Isn’t it funny how you used to be able to step out of an airport, look out and go, “So this is <wherever>”, but these days half the time you step into their underground train stations and the first view of the city you get is… a station.


On our first night in Tokyo, we checked out this place calleded 叙々苑 (Jojoen), which our friend VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Honest opinion? Pricey and not that great. Maybe my friend and I were just being too much of a fob and couldn’t appreciate it, but we really feel like we’ve had better in HK. I hope our friend who recommended this place doesn’t read this, and if you’re reading this… Please just be really gracious and pretend we still agree with everything you say.


Next morning: 築地 – TSUKIJI!! People say you need to get up super early to go but unless you seriously want to watch the auctions, there’s really no need to get up at 4am. We got there around 9ish or 10ish and it was fine.


We still had to queue up for the sushi bars but I don’t think getting there an hour earlier would make too much of a difference. Perhaps getting there by 6am would mean much shorter queues, but our schedule wasn’t packed at all so we just took it easy.

I just want to add that if you’re someone who likes to travel and say embarrassing stuff really loud in Chinese, don’t do it in Tokyo. There’s just way too many tourists from Hong Kong/Taiwan. My friend Kaki, who is also an actress, kept having to shush me because I’d get really excited and realize someone from HK just saw me make a fool of myself. I was completely flattered, but also couldn’t believe what a dork I can be when some Taiwanese tourists asked us to take some pictures with them. Of course, they went back to their sashimi as Kaki and I stood outside in the line while everyone else stared and tried to figure out who we are.


We finally made it inside after maybe 30-45mins and man, what a cute chef. Hello there.


The food, yes. It was AMAZEBALLS, even the rice was really yummy. It was chewy and the flavor went really well with the fresh salmon roe. All the other stuff was fresh and amazeballs too. I would so love to do a food show but I think I’d get fired if I don’t find better ways to describe food. The whole time we were in Japan I couldn’t get over how fresh and sweet the sea urchin was. I was never a fan of this yellow goop thing which looked a bit like a tongue covered in phlegm, but oh man, thank you TSUKIJI.


Next up: Harajuku.

Welcome to Takeshita Street! Hur hur hur…

Every January and July Tokyo has national sales and OH MAN, we went crrrraaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyy. We found stuff that cost around 1,000HKD which we bought for 89HKD. That’s right EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS. HONG KONG.


All this and a few other stuff only cost me 1,166HKD in total. Hate on me. I understand. See how I bought three pairs of the same loafers in different colors? Oh and the same plaid shirt in different colors? Too cheap.


There’s more than shopping in Harajuku. It’s really mainly shopping, but one of the coolest places in the area must be the Calbee store where you can get souvenirs and eat fresh chips.


Look, this lovely Japanese lady is frying up some fresh potato chips for you. It’s unhealthy either way but let’s have them fresh. Feel it burn your mouth and fingers.


Let’s take a picture and look excited anyway. Fresh chips with chocolate sauce!

Check back for part 2!

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  1. Shirley says:

    I love reading posts about your trips! 🙂 Can’t wait till part II~


  2. MY says:

    Takeshita Street and national sales every January and July in Tokyo. Now, that is v-e-r-y handy to know. Hmmm…but aren’t both January and July high season or am I wrong?


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