Podcast Recs

Top 3 podcast recommendations now that apparently need content more than ever

Cathay Pacific vs Air Canada

A couple of weeks ago, I flew my first international flight on Air Canada from Hong Kong to Toronto and back. As a frequent Cathay Pacific flyer, here’s what my experience was like.

How To Stay Zen in A Busy City

Hong Kong is a busy city filled with extremely stressed people in a hurry to be busy somewhere else. If we allow ourselves to get caught up in all of this, we’ll burn out before we even know it. Here are a few cheap and easy ways to keep your cool in the midst of…

Life Lesson: Zoom Out

A while ago, my friend Jason asked on Instagram for our biggest life lessons. “I’ll need a write a book,” I said. “Write it, I’ll read it,” he said.

So here we go.

Pick Up A Book (A Good Habit)

Last year, I picked up the habit of reading again. It started with a desire to improve the quality of my sleep, and as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having this quiet downtime, I quietly committed myself to reading more this year, without jinxing it as a new year’s resolution.  Currently, I am reading Principles by Ray Dalio and Making…