Cathay Pacific vs Air Canada

A couple of weeks ago, I flew my first international flight on Air Canada from Hong Kong to Toronto and back. As a frequent Cathay Pacific flyer, here’s what my experience was like.

Fukuoka Trip – 2019

Highlights from the Fukuoka trip back in February 2019, my annual trip with mom!

How To Stay Zen in A Busy City

Hong Kong is a busy city filled with extremely stressed people in a hurry to be busy somewhere else. If we allow ourselves to get caught up in all of this, we’ll burn out before we even know it. Here are a few cheap and easy ways to keep your cool in the midst of…

Life Lesson: Zoom Out

A while ago, my friend Jason asked on Instagram for our biggest life lessons. “I’ll need a write a book,” I said. “Write it, I’ll read it,” he said.

So here we go.

Pick Up A Book (A Good Habit)

Last year, I picked up the habit of reading again. It started with a desire to improve the quality of my sleep, and as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having this quiet downtime, I quietly committed myself to reading more this year, without jinxing it as a new year’s resolution.  Currently, I am reading Principles by Ray Dalio and Making…

Choosing Good Travel Partners

Traveling together can make or break friendships. For the sake of your trip and friendships, you need to be wise about choosing the right travel partners and put in the effort to make sure you have the same expectations.

Chinese New Year Customs

It’s almost the Year of the Pig! To help you navigate through the festivities this Chinese New Year (CNY), I’ve put together a handy guide for you to help you get involved without stepping on any toes.

Holy Eats, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an expensive city, where we often compromise quality for price, or the other way around when we’re looking for a good time out.

Welcome to Holy Eats where they have it all – from great Happy Hour deals to affordable quality food, and a guaranteed fun night out.